Things to Remember

Things to Remember is a film of subtly threaded scenes, using moments and perspectives from the writer’s life. The film acts as a reminder that one tiny moment in time can represent truth and lies, tenderness and abuse, connection and genuine misunderstandings, determining who we ultimately become in order to make sense and survive.


Directed by Dannie-Lu Carr & Sam Conway

Written by Dannie-Lu Carr
Sound and Music by Steven Ellis Richmond, aka Sleudian Frip

“We didn’t set out to make a film. We actually set out on a 12-week exploration on what it is to tell truth, tell our stories and connect with others in our lives. The intention was to then do a series of short pieces that we would show in an art gallery. Or something.

What actually came about was more than that. It was an organic process which just sort of made sense along the way. It grew in pre-production, it grew again during filming and it probably grew the most in post-production.” – Dannie-Lu Carr

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